Friday, September 10, 2004

Clara Barton, Your Kind Rocks!

Hello from my own digs this time around! Yesterday, I filled in for Logan’s Dave as a guest blogger, as well as aiding and assisting that delightful boy in his journey through post-op arthroscopic knee surgery.

The whole experience of being primary care-giver was sort of new to me; I’d of course been there for various friends over the years helping through various bubonic plague-level colds, flus and allergies….fairly no-brainer stuff involving pumping them with clear fluids, providing a cozy nest in which they could fight their delirium and of course lots of TLC!

This experience took things to a new level.

Things started smooth in the evening, Dave being fairly snockered on Vicodin was content to watch football, gulp down massive amounts of Jell-O cubes, shots of pomegranate juice and explore the fabulous tactile experiences that the euphoric little pills were providing.

Then, it got a little scary.

At about 3:00am, the alarm went off; time for Dave to take the next dose…no big deal. Except that a gross underestimation in how long the pills were effective had taken place. On the pain scale (a 1-10 measure health professionals use to help patients rate pain) he had gone from 4 to 9, and there was nothing between his neuroreceptors and the very real fact that someone had been playing surgical Roto-Rooter with his kneecap.

Another dose was quickly administered, ice packs frantically arranged in hopes that this oversight could be remedied expeditiously. It was not to be. At 20min. there was virtually no effect, and the decision to go ahead with dose 2 was made without question.

The next 45min was sheer agony, as he tried quite valiantly to not have a meltdown. That’s probably the most helpless I’ve ever felt, watching such a good friend in such horrendous pain and being able to do nothing except hold his hand and try to keep a distracting and witty banter going.

Eventually the little-V’s did work their hypnotic trance, and though missing some key dozing time everyone is A-OK. It did bring to light however, what superb humans nurses are. Doctors are in and of rooms and patients lives very quickly; it’s the nurses that in addition to medical care are the emotional stewards to both the patient and the family.

So, a shout out to all those incredible men and women who have devoted their lives to this special occupation, keep rocking it from Med/Surg to the ENT and everything in between!


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