Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Cornocopia of Plenty, on Standby

The stagnant breath of the holiday season has begun to pant down my neck, starting with this particularly fun news.

ATA is one of the few airlines to service the frigid ice floe my relatives refuse to leave (MSP International, for those not in the know). It was also reasonably cheap, being as traveling there between Oct-May is not for the faint of heart or those with poor circulation...Halloween Blizzard of '91 anyone?

So, the great scramble for alternative aviation means of passage has begun! Many calls and emails have been placed to anyone carrying even a smidge of my genetic matter as to their availability to pick me up, avoiding endless hours at the monstrous mecca of absurdity known as the Mall of Death.

Skipping Thanksgiving is not even an option, this was attempted once several years ago...I might as well have taken to skeet-shooting with the good china and not ended up in such a quagmire of guilt!

There IS a gilded side to this little snafu though...American flies out of O'Hare.

My air legs are skittish at best, the downside of ATA has always been Midway's super short runways and competing with O'Hare for air-lanes. The result of the former conflicts causes the aircraft to bank at a stomach-turning 45degree angle at takeoff and before landing. To combat this, I abstain from food and caffeine for 12hours before a flight...needless to say, I am a bouquet of daisies upon arrival! The thought of not spending a portion of the flight hungry and retching is rather appealing!
A side note: When culling links for this entry, found this detail of Famous Minnesota Blizzards....I've witnessed 6 of these and both "harsh winters"....Jen knows snow!


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