Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I’ve been so neglectful blogging here lately, pardon me while I dust off the cobwebs here. *phwwweeet*

This weekend marked the first Slumber Party I’ve attended in close to 14-years. It was amazing how very little changes in that bastion of female bonding. All the same crucial elements were still there: cookie dough, sexual innuendo, boys, R-rated movies and of course getting to wear your “cute” pajamas.

But, things change as they are apt to do: we had a….er….um “presentation” of sorts to get things off to a roaring start, let’s just say it was on issues facing today’s modern city gal….I’m trying to run a PG blog here after all! Anywhoo, the new additions of Cosmos and Strawberry Erotic Massage Lotion provided a magical wormhole back to the 80s and we were all soon giggly teens once more.

It also assuaged some of the funk I’ve been under as of late…..back to the topic of cobwebs, my lovelife’s being buried under them and wondering if it would qualify for TV’s Filth Factor as an entry. Being surrounded by this fabulous mass of feminine-GO-power even for an evening stopped me in mid-pout, though. It’s very a common thing to have acquired a matching 3-piece set of baggage by your 30’s, in fact if not, you’re probably doing something wrong!

So, that estrogenal “Chin-up, Tiger” has me in better spirits that this recent drought is not terminal, and in fact might have provided a well-earned respite (after close to 20years of crushes and entanglements!) so that I might ante better in my next game of Hearts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm to be a fly on your wall :)

10:08 PM  
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