Tuesday, September 14, 2004

At The Clothes Wash...Folding at the Clothes Wash..Yea!

Last night was laundry night, not horribly exciting, but imperative unless I started a trend of going into work nude...hey, they already think the art department is nuts, why not!

Laundromat you say? Doesn't your building have facilities? Well, yes there IS a single machine in my basement, but on GOOD day it resembles something out of a Rob Zombie video. I also have a tendency toward procrastination and by the time washing needs attended to, it's several loads high...yet another good reason to schlep to multi-machine haven down the street.

Not that I mind however! The atmosphere of laundromats can be fascinating, this one is no exception (yeah, like they'd have a web link!) Among the many joys of my current local laundromat is the rather large screen TV that is usually playing Telemundo, which I secretly hope is leaching Spanish into my brain by osmosis...although Amarte Es Mi Pecado is a hoot without translation!

In the evenings, there is the added bonus of a cheez-ball radio station playing Love Notes in the background as well... "Bob writes: JoAnn, I really screwed up, forgive me? Well Bob, let's hope the poignant vocal stylings of Steve Perry send JoAnn back to you, "With Open Arms..."

Believe me, there is nothing quite like folding Downy fresh towels and humming bad 80's songs! (hmmm, now if there was only a laundromat/karaoke bar....)

And lest I forget; the people watching! From the people who have NEVER used a laundromat and can't figure out the soap dispenser (the machines in their bazillion dollar condo going kaput, and workout clothes for PowerPilates being needed) to the elderly ladies that have probably done laundry at that place for years, and always use the fancy double-loaders in back.

I know we all have to grow-up at some point and I will probably have in-unit machines in that condo somewhere in my future. But for now it's me, Sergio Sendel, Phil Collins and my linens!


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