Monday, November 01, 2004

Death Cab For Cutie

Last night marked the 4th most deadly cab ride I've had in Chicago.

The ride began mundanely enough, in fact I was actually a little peeved he was keeping it just to 50mph on Lake Shore was 2am after all, and not exactly congested. This was soon to change, as after taking my exit, the cabbie apparently became possessed by the spirit of Dale Earnhardt. It was almost humorous, his sudden morphing into a road rage freak running down and swerving around anything in his path. (keep in mind 2am, rush hour would not be starting for another 5 whole hours!) I quietly counted the streets to my house; fingers crossed and hoped like hell there wasn't a stray cat or other random object in our path. My guardian angel was apparently working some late-shift overtime however, and I made back to the homestead a-ok.

A recap of the other HellCabs I've had:
1. '97 Cabbie hit another car on Clark St. heading home from the Hidden Shamrock. All of us were ok, except my friend D who managed to smash his head on the partition...panic ensued as well as being introduced to my first Chicago ER.

2. '98 Going to a show at the Hideout, the cabbie hailed was apparently a fan of the Blues Brothers crash scene...Western Ave the quickest route splits; the local and the "express" which heads up at a nice 25degree angle; we took the latter at full thrust and achieved horizontal momentum minus asphalt for about 5 nail-crunching seconds.

3. '98 An after work nightcap with K, my companion in the sports advertising trenches, turned into quite a few Guinness and the discovery that we both have a thing for men in kilts. Taking a cab back to her condo, we were rear-ended on Lake Shore by an obviously snockered peroxide blonde in a now totaled white Camero.


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