Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Making a list, checking it twice

Yes, these are a few days late...but timing wasn't one of my resolutions so *phhhhhfft* to you!!!

New and Improved Jen in 2005

1. Balance (My attempts at cyclic pitch control need to continue to evolve, improvement has occurred...but there are still many spinning plates being dropped in various life areas!)

1. New gig (lured in by steady pay and hours, I've lost my edge and cliff diving into the unexpected reflexes essential to freelancing....and most importantly the work isn't any gosh-durn fun!)

2. Website, website, website (this has been a multiple year goal, swept to the wayside by life's breezes faster than trucker spit, hopefully this will be the year it sticks!)

1. Drink more water (it's time to put the coffee fiend in me on hold and start chugging that clear natural elixir, and it will become a training necessity!)

2. Get Fruity and consume 2 pieces/ servings of fruit a day (why I've become in danger of scurvy is a mystery, normally I revel in the crunching of a sumptuous apple, but this is what resolutions are for eh?)

1. Floss, twice daily (if for no other reason than to avoid the "tsk tsk" of my dentist, this resolution has begun immediately in anticipation of my annual check-up next week!)

2. Train to complete the MS 150 ride and attempt my first "century" (by choosing the longer 100mile course the first day, the ride expands to 175 miles of butt numbing delight)

That's it, my goals for 2005...posted in cyberspace no less, so the pressure is on to not creatively "revise" this archive in 352 days!


Blogger zencomix said...

add a quarter teaspoon of sea salt to every liter of water you drink, and drink at least around 4 liters a day, give or take, depending on body size and amount of physical activity....this will cure what ails you.

12:19 PM  
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