Monday, February 21, 2005

The Jentinental

I have but three passions in life. One of fine champagna!
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The Four Seasons Chicago, She is soo nice, both delicious...and dangerous. Her fluffy downy pillows terminate against the sharp corners of a Louis XIV sidetable, perfect for a quick concussion before proceeding to the spa. There too, a strange world awaits for those with enough cunning and prowness to navigate the labryrinth of the ladies locker room and reach the mecca of an opulent swimming pool/hot tub combo. And, to make the journey from your swanky surrounds to the land of muscle relaxation, this 5-star queen will even bedeck you in the coziest of terry robes and matching slippers to ride the elevator in style.

After a sumptuous slumber beneath a snowy comforter, do not miss her fabulous brunch; we know it is no good for us...but we give in...for the sensual pleasure of savory shrimp salad with the essance of oil from olives of a puratinical nature and a martini glass of pineapple teased with inebriated peaches who are being whipered to by a cloud of creme fraiche.

In other words, I swanked it up this weekend and celebrated the "Day of Dead Rich White Guys" in style; I managed to avoid injury, found the pool 2 out of 4 attempts, proved my plebian roots by uttering "Damn, this is good fish!" in the Seasons dining room and am now the proud owner of a pair of Four Seasons slippers (they expect you to take them, otherwise they are out faster than a certain Simpson's character). Special thanks to M for playing Pygmalion and providing the winter escape.

Join us again later this Spring (if the Boston location is available, fingers crossed!) for another chapter in the life of...The Jentinental.


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