Monday, October 17, 2005

A Haunting We Will Go...

This weekend was a sit-at-home, be a veg and let my inner Martha Stewart run amok getting my Halloween costume ready. For those not in the know, I take Halloween quite seriously; it's being looked into by the APA as the new designer OCD. My folly starts with rules, as I am hyper-specific as to the guidelines by which this monument to paganism is constructed:
1. Total costume cost may not exceed $30
2. 40% of costume must be hand-constructed
3. It must be something/someone I admire and worthy of a "tribute"
4. No one knows what I'm going as until the first party, period.

This year there were several strong contenders, one was kaboshed due to weather fears, another due to lack of a key element and there was even a back-up in case nothing else clicked! This year's costume was actually a contender last year, but was overturned due to the excitement of being dressed as a bad-ass "Kill Bill" bride Uma Thurman and hauling a sword around to reinforce my flinty-eyed self.

This year, I have been relentlessly hounded from various camps to at least give a hint...and to be sporting, I've decided to throw down my own gauntlet. What follows is the shopping list for my costume, I have excluded any objects or notions already in my possession.....and while I have a substantial trove of buttons, ric-rac, stuffing and double-sided fusing, I promise that none of the existing objects are big players in the overall production.

Guess away if you can in the comments! The winner (if there is one) and grand unveiling will be posted on 10/31. Good Luck! (Oh, it should be noted that I rarely use the items in question for their intended purpose...yea, I suck! ;)

Jen's 2005 Costume Shopping List
1. One Pair of Pink Socks
2. One Red Alligator-embossed piece of Felt
3. One Black Sparkle piece of Felt
4. One Peach "Fun Foam" piece
5. One Green Plastic Tablecloth
6. One Pack of disposable BBQ Skewers
7. One Black Turtleneck

Some previous year's accomplishments... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are going to be that Guy who talks about alligators - the one who dangled his baby over the gators head!! Because I'm sure he is near and dear to your heart.
Submitted by Julie

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll be going as a Green Bay Packers cheerleader? I know it's your life's goal...

7:13 AM  
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