Monday, June 06, 2005

That was Rome not Paris. This is Paris and you're drunk.

It's been awhile since I wrote, and this weekend certainly provided a plethora of material! The past weekend was spent in the loving lap of luxury better known as The Four Seasons, Chicago. Bosco had nights to burn before the 11th and I was game to vacation in my own city...really, the four-star accommodations had nothing to do with it *wink*! There was a big surprise in store for both of us though, as an executive suite available and we were upgraded to even nicer digs than usual. Leave it to your beloved writer to misbehave and show her plebeian roots however! On entering the sitting room of said suite, (Bosco had arrived early and not informed of me of the suite-digs) I asked rather perplexed, "Where's the bed?" After it was explained to me that the Four Seasons did not have rooms featuring only pull-out sofas, the glass doors were swung open to reveal the downy white of cumulous of that familiar King-Size bed!

On the way up to the room on Saturday, the elevator provided a moment of comic relief as well; I had hurried back over after a bike ride and was in baggy capris and a Pixies t-shirt. A newlywed couple had entered the elevator ahead of me with a basket of champagne and cheese, mincing quickly behind us was a well-to-do socialite. After punching in her floor number, the new bride tapped me on the shoulder with a funny look upon her face "Funny, I thought I would be the only one wearing a Pixies t-shirt at the Four Seasons!" Sure enough, she had a green one on! We then dished about where we had seen the band and how great it was they had finally re-grouped. Meanwhile, the steam was rising off of the socialite's Louis Vuttion bag faster than you can say "CHARGE-IT"! If we lived in pop-up video world, her thought bubble would've read "I can't believe they let these people into the Four Seasons now, I'M moving to the Peninsula!"

The Saturday night pics of the room that follow were a tad blurry due to several adult beverages consumed by the photographer trying to ease the pain of the Wolves getting their legs broke by the thugs otherwise know as the Philadelphia Phantoms AHL Hockey Club. We shall talk no further of that night!

Sunday brought about the Four Seasons brunch, and might I say if you have the means, do lived up to the hype! I had rose early to get in a nice workout as to be extra hungry; it’s a pretty pricey affair and one should plan on packing away 3-4 plates to make it worthwhile! After a quick shower (yes, that is what we're calling it these days!), Bosco and I headed downstairs, feedbags in tow. The “brunch” featured 3 rooms filled with food of such variety it would take me 4 entries to fully detail it! This also brought about another "Jen Moment". As we were finishing our first plate, I went to refill my coffee out of the tableside sterling silver carafe. The prissy little lid stuck on me and filled my cup, the saucer and a quarter of the linen tablecloth. I blushed in absolute terror and sheepishly looked at Bosco, apologizing profusely. He laughed (this is why I love this man!) and assured me this happened all the time. The room captain came back, took my cup away and brought back a fresh one as I apologized profusely to him for being a very bad bruncher. My shame was eventually hidden as between plates 2 –3, the staff having reset my place setting with a napkin draped over the stain. Thankfully, they didn't also inquire "Are you going to need a place sheet miss?"

So, stuffed with blintzes, duck rolls, quiches, gingered nectarines, garlic shrimp, sweet pea risotto, coconut lobster, hazelnut tiramisu, raspberry pistachio cake, chocolate lava muffins, raspberry chocolate tart, crème brulee, orange juice, coffee and a bloody mary.....yes, I ate all that....a return to the more common, but equally as nice, Studio de Bosco was embarked on, and a really, really, really long nap. I will not be eating until Tuesday!

PS: Sorry no pics yet....someone (no names) saved the dang file too small!


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