Friday, April 29, 2005

Meloncholy and Infinite Sadness

I'm cutting the cord this morning. Both physically (as in my modem) and psychologically (as in departure from a powerful 3-year chapter in my life). Why it didn't occur to me that I would be emotional over this move is beyond me...this is on the surface a move across town, but in reality the boxing of a very emotional time in my life.

It started, coincidentally last night while biking down to get more tape and some wrapping paper for my sweetie's birthday present (he really needs a nickname for this blog, I'm thinking Bosco for now.) Riding back, I ended up taking Paulina home. (cue: Theme from "The Way We Were") This is a route I use to take a billions time a week when I lived there with D. Even rode past our old apartment (yes, the music now quick changes to BNL), where we both happily and very un-happily cohabitated fro almost 3 years as well.

It struck me, through some weepiness this morning that I am really leaving the area of Chicago I have called home for 7 of my 8 years here (half a year was spent in Rogers "Gangland Warfare" Park and a few months in Lincoln "Trixieville" Park renting a friend's guest room after the Big Breakup.) This will also mark the longest distance I've lived from Logan's Dave in 5 years, and I've taken for granted the luxury of having him as good friend and neighbor. This is an end to running over to "D&S's" for ER nights to share a bottle of vino, dropping by to loan a tool or cooking utensil, getting a hug after a hard day or passing out to watch movies on the couch after a brutal bike ride.

Hallmark commercial aside; I am very excited about my new place, it will be amazing to have heat and solid walls and the gloriousness of eating toast whilst sitting in front of my air conditioner (see this entry re: fuses). I will also have an Express bus right outside my door to swoosh down to Bosco's in a record 15min trip (this will be particularly meaningful to local Chicagoans in our CTA crisis; I presently live of the Brown line which runs whenever it feels the need to). These are all good changes, and I am quite sure I will acclimate to things quite duckily. But, for this morning, I'm wistful wandering back through room and past memories. Heck, where I'm sitting right now, and about this time was the inception of this very blog.

*sigh* (cue: "Memory" from CATS)


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