Tuesday, March 29, 2005

So this Girl Walks into the Osco....

This is the kind of thing one expects to also include the proverbial "...and Man, did she bang her head!" I was over at my local Osco last evening for STICKERS of all things. For those not in the know, I'm riding in the MS150 (which could be 175 for me) Tour de Farms this summer; and due to inclimate weather and inconsolable laziness have not trained at all.

It was unbelievably luscious weather yesterday in Chicago, and perhaps that's what tipped my mental scales to "Hey, You have about 12 weeks until this feat of physical absurdity....MOVE THAT BUTT!" To that end, I went jogging 3 panting miles followed by some grueling weight-training (they were VERY heavy 5lb weights!).

Despite my hope that this would not be such an obstacle, my hamstrings and other muscles groaned and moaned quite loudly at this masochist act against them. Even a cold and refreshing chocolate "Tofutti" pop was not bribery enough. This finally brings us back to the title of this entry. As I am a sucker for any sort of reward or kudo (Best at Tying Shoes? HA! Take that Hilary Swank!), I thought perhaps getting some cute stickers for each day an "Act of Fitness" was accomplished to adhere to my calendar would appease my inner meritocrat and track my progress. Figuring on 60 or so days, I looked for the sticker packs with the most stuffed on a page...this turned out to be "Hello, Kitty." As I've always thought the clean cut designs of this Asian animae phenom kinda cool, I snagged a pack and headed for the checkout.

Here's where it gets weird. At the front check out line is "J" a fellow I had a brief and fairly pointless association with last year. "J" loved animae, and was a "Hello, Kitty" freak....it always seemed weird to me that a caucasian man of heterosexual orientation would have "Kitty" calendar, desk set and pink puffy rugs. Thus, I quickly ducked behind a thankfully quite husky fellow carrying beer and was not spotted.

Reason #536 to Move: Less chance of sticker triggered ex-encounters.


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