Thursday, July 21, 2005

The First Day of Work

The lack of a substantial posts has been due to gainfully freelance employ for several days! (cut to Jen’s Mom selling her stock in Ramen Noodles)

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve been out in the wacky world of design freelance and that lapse is showing! My normal ballsy “show up late to meetings, ignore emails and cocksure ‘No Problem’” attitude from being coddled in the bosom of a longterm gig has flown. Instead, I find myself running to Borders on my lunch break to rummage through magazines on millwork and molding, so panicked that if I don't produce the most-awe inspiring and stimulating piece for the Association of Millwork Distributors, I will be shown the door. (oops, unintentional pun :*)

This has only served to highlight how truly insane my chosen profession is. When trying to explain to Bosco the reason for my near hysteria…

“WHAT if they don’t like my work, and thus me?” “WHAT if they hate RED…MY GOD, WHAT IF THEY HATE RED!”

…the best example I could use was his job in accounting:

“What if, at several hotels in the city 2+2=4. But then, at another bunch 2+2=7. AND at another handful of hotels they refused to do addition at all, citing “less is more”….you have no idea which sort you're dealing with until they look at your paper with all the figures worked out; if you’re wrong, you are shown the door.

He suggested I get a good night’s sleep.

Well, at least part of my unrest was resolved this morning. Everything I presented was accepted outright with no alterations and the ridiculously nice staff (3 people checked in on my hydration needs throughout the day!) thanked me for being the ultimate design fairy and magically producing an elegant solution to their very dry problem.

It remains to be seen how long this gig will last, in theory through next week. (fingers crossed they are happy with the next set of thumbnails tomorrow morning!) Quite strangely, I find myself secretly hoping for longer. Either I caught one hell of a “staff infection” from the last dreadful place or there might be a small case of “job twitterpation” at hand. ARGH! Maybe I’ll have to dig up a copy of “The Rules” to follow so I don’t go getting overly eager and shopping for office supplies or doodling my name on the office stationery with little hearts “Jen Nelson, Art Director” *swooning sigh*


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