Monday, October 24, 2005

She Lives in a Bubble. Bubble Girl!

So, there's apparently a big game of stick swinging going on in town; I am referring. of course, to the Chicago White Sox appearance in the World Series.

Due to the local media overkill, I am trying to remain in my cave of ignorance until it's over; restricting my news to Yahoo! and CNN. While the city's enthusiasm is natural, Chicago is a sports-crazy town and there is no happy medium...the only thing happening IS the "Sox Super Fantastic World Series". Having lived here through the Chicago Bulls reign of mightiness, I can take a guess at the exuberant anchor tie-ins:

National News: A United Airlines pilot in Miami was suspended over an alcoholic smell on his breath, but he couldn't be as drunk as Sox fans will be when they win the World Series!!!!

Politics: Ben Bernanke has been named the new chairman of the Federal Reserve. Wonder if he can manage his portfolio wisely enough to afford the sky-high tickets prices for Game 5?

Weather: "It's rainy out, and a little breezy...but that's should allow for the wood in the bats to expand just enough to ensure several Grand Slams for the Sox to pummel Houston into submission."

And if the above isn't reason enough to consider being an informational recluse, consider the following. At the conclusion of the '98 Bulls championship run, I had been in Chicago barely a year and recently been forced to move to accommodate new condos. My parents had driven down from Minnesota to help me unpack. The Bulls won the championship at about 9:30pm that evening, and we were then treated to a 3-hour cacophony of horn-honking, screaming, fireworks and even some gunfire. My decision to move to Chicago seemed suddenly questionable.

That said, my self-induced shut-in status will continue until Thursday. If there is a swarm of killer bees, dangerous pollen levels or Lake Michigan dries up, can someone local let me know? Thanks!


Blogger Boscolicious said...

Huh??? The Sox are in the World Series? If only it was mentioned over and over in the news. Oh wait, it was. Stop pre-empting the Simpsons for stupid baseball!!!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's a good thing that I don't really care for baseball - pretty strange - someone told me that I shouldn't be wearing 'White socks' - I was like hugh? yea sure... what ever.... anyway - nice too see that youve got past your writer block :) - just kidding....


6:42 PM  
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