Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Night in Bangkok?

I recently received a series of emails intend for another "jrnelson"....this is fairly common event, as even with all the countless e-address providers out there, "J" and "NELSON" are an outrageously common combination.

Usually, it's just an college friend of "jrnelson" (who I politely redirect) or junk mail (you're welcome whoever you are for my "refuse" services). This recent set of correspondence was very unusual however, and contained very specific and possibly confidential information. In fact, upon my first reading in the groggy mid-morning light it seemed to read like one of Tom Clancy's novels about a European spy heist!

Alas, upon further reviewal, it's probably just about importing foreign computer parts....but, then again, it could be a plot, the "Falcon" could refer to a disowned Romanian playboy who is running an illegal ring of knockoff designer clogs!!!

I'll leave it to you be the judge: (all names and details/locales altered for the unknown parties' protection, the grammar/syntax is all the mysterious writer though!)

Dear Koenraad,

Herewith I confirm our telephone call from this evening:

Tomorrow morning at 04.30 hrs. your driver picks me up at the flat and drives me to the station where I take the minibus to go to Bangkok (the same station as last time)

I must pick up my college dorm colleague Jarek Nelson from the airport and come with him back to Koh Samui for evening only.

I shall take from this station in Koh Samui a taxi and let me drive to our meeting.

Our customer Mr. Faolán McCorkle will arrive from Bangkok to Koh Samui at Monday morning

Swaantje will reserve a room for Mr. Faolán from Monday on Tuesday and from Tuesday on Wednesday (2 nights) at the Imperial Samui Hotel in Koh Samui (the same hotel where I stayed for about 8 weeks)

Sunday morning we go with Mr. Faolán McCorkle to procure the finished samples at our expense.

Mr. Faolán from the Falcon will make a full check of the new Combo Barnstormer and will decide what steps are crucial to be made forthwith then.

For this Mr. Faolán will stay here by Swaantje, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday evening Mr. Faolán will fly from Koh Samui to Bang Po and stay there some time.

We will discuss together the program with you tomorrow for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hans R. De Vries II


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