Monday, February 20, 2006

Greenbacks, Gay Cowboys, Brown Suede Shoes

(or, subtitled "Jen's Wild Singles Weekend!)

This weekend, Bosco flew the coop to attend a wedding of a Navy chum out on the East Coast and I was left to my own devices for amusement. Normally, this would not present to much of an issue as I have always been good at occupying myself--must have been all those years as a latchkey child!

Sadly, due to exceedingly brr-ific weather (-5 is a golf score, not a temperature!) a fabulously wild single gal weekend was not to be...although it was not without a bright point or two:

Friday: Tax Time! This meeting with my accountant was actually the primary reason behind my nixing Mr. Navy's nuptials. This might seem slightly selfish, but my accountant "Mr. K" is a genius of numbers and harder to get an appointment with than Oprah tickets in Chicago. He's just that good. This year was no exception, and upon seeing my refund, I had to restrain myself from leaning over the desk and planting a big old open mouth kiss on the greying 60-year old.

Saturday: I was squired on a date to the movies by good friend Logan's Dave. Bosco was quite sweet to feign jealously; "So, your wearing sweats and a parka to go to a movie about gay cowboys---Wow, I should punch him the next time we go out for a beer!" Needless to say, it was an EXCELLENT movie. Much hype had me afeared of a monotonous and pandering plot; but it was charming and sweet and devastatingly heartbreaking. Those who complain about the length of the movie just don't get it---to begin with, it covers th passing of 30 YEARS! Plus, it is about the western/southern way of life; these are not fly-by-night city slickers and rushing the plot would have felt forced and fake. This is one of the best love stories ever told.

Sunday: What would a gals' weekend be without a little shopping? Now, I must attest the philosophy "Shop 'Til You Drop" is a bit beyond me, as I usually fall into the situation of "Crap, season's changing---is there anything comfortable/stylish that doesn't make me look like a matron?" This shopping trip however, was for my much beloved kitty to acquire catnip and a laser-pointer. A few weeks ago, dear Ms. Liz introduced this device into my household and my feline has been jonesing to chase red spots ever since! A quick jaunt down to PetSmart uncovered both items in record time, and as it was still a long, cold walk home, I ducked into the local TJ Maxx to warm up. A bit of browsing uncovered a delightful pair of brown suede heels for the unheard of price of $10. Not only that, they were comfy---and for a gal with no arches to say that means something! Guilty with my girly purchase, I slunk home to finish the evening with some long overdue correspondence and to catch up with some periodical reading.

Next time I'm left alone there shall be better hijinks---weather permitting naturally!


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