Wednesday, September 22, 2004

In Memorium

Today is my aunt's funeral. Due to my lack of car, and the Metra running every 3rd full moon to the far-flung suburb it's being held in, I will be unable to attend.

While there are twinges of guilt for skipping, the rational side of my brain keeps reminding me that the most important aspect is to be the proverbial shoulder for those still here. My parents will be staying with me for a couple days it appears, and making things somewhat sunnier and providing much needed diversions by playing tour guide for them....well, that's probably better that trying to trek to Schaumburg by rented yak.

While I did not see eye-to-eye with this particular relative politically or religiously, I do admire her for a valiant battle with MS which she had for over 35-years. She always had a lighthearted disposition and maintained a sense of dignity and humor throughout the course of her illness.

It seems especially fitting now that I had agreed to join Team mowpundow, being led by my friend Dave for the MS 150 Tour de Farms bike event this summer. I will be dedicating part of my ride to my aunt, the other part to those still making a gallant stand against this debilitating disease.


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