Friday, May 05, 2006

We eat ham and jam and Spam a lot!

Last night as part of his birthday extravaganza, I took Bosco to see Spamalot.


Hearing all the hype and being naturally cynical about other "AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, I LAUGHED, CRIED ETC!" performances, I went in to the show rather reserved. This was certainly not the case here! Although any Python fan will recognize the majority of the plot and characters from The Holy Grail, the good fellows, Mr. Idle and Mr. Nichols, also treated this as a musical entity on its own, and were quick to add in plenty of gags poking fun at the genre of musical theatre itself.

WARNING: Slight spoiler, read on with caution!

And, in one particular moment of hilarity regarding the rather large amount of Jewish folk in and amongst the production of Broadway shows, a gigantic 15ft blinking Star of David is lowered from the rafters....I thought Bosco was going to pee himself with glee! This was quickly followed by one of my favorite quips in regards to King Arthur not knowing one of his companions was Jewish "Well, it's not the sort of thing you mention to a heavily-armed Christian!"

My only gripe (and it's small!) is the character of The Lady of the Lake's name. She gives Arthur the sword Excalibur, helps him to the throne of England etc, etc. This is all very true to most versions of the British legend, however, at the end of the show when asked what her "true" name is, The Lady of the Lake responds "Guinevere". This would not be correct. Most versions agree that the Lady is the half human/half fairy "Morgainne". Ok. Done now. Geek flag is down, folded and put away!

But overall, it's a grand evening of belly-laughs! If you have a chance and enjoy slightly raunchy, devilish schoolboy humor, check this one out!


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