Friday, November 18, 2005

Gives 'Dark Roast' a Whole New Context

A warm greeting for all those out there shivering away with that cup o' morning joe. And if your java is thick and dark from one of those industrial coffee makers, it might not be as gross as you think.

In Indonesia, they have taken to drinking Kopi Luwak (wild cat poop coffee), at $300 a pound.....can someone find Indonesia a puzzle to do? They have way to much free time on their hands!

No joke, here's the full article!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Smash it up, you can keep your cell phone service!

Last night, a great injustice was corrected. My former cell phone is now a dumpster denizen! This dinosaur had provided a slight period of giddiness after its purchase 2 years ago, it being a GRAND improvement over the concrete brick I had been lugging around.

Needless to say, the Nokia Craptastic 3520 has been less than exemplary since then. Its connected number keys were such a horrific design flaw, that despite my brother's soldering, would rarely distinguish between 4, 7 and *. Despite the occasional amusement at having to write "On choo-choo" instead of "On train" (stupid 7 key!!!) I was quickly wearied of such irritating work-arounds.

(AT&T/Cingular who just lost my service to Sprint is equally to blame...Who is roaming while standing in their living room?....but smashing your headquarters with a hammer might put a cramp in my social life.)

To see the full photo documentation of the destruction, click here.

(oh, btw the entry's title is an homage to this ditty of course!)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Scenes from a Jewish Deli

A lovely brunch was had this weekend at the Ashkenaz Deli. For quite some time, the B-man has strived to expand my horizons/vocabulary in regards to Jewish food....Matzo Ball Soup was this outing's lesson, and all I can say is Oy!

We ordered and lugged what had to be a 10-lb bag of food home, then I was quickly shooed out of the kitchen so Bosco could assemble our "feast." To my horror, sitting next to a very tasty looking pastrami on rye, pickle and slaw was what could only be described as a gigantic hairball floating in pan drippings!

Part of these little "experiments" in the cuisine of The Chosen People is to prevent a major faux pas when I meet the infamous bubbe. Her delightful grandson has yet again failed to find a nice Jewish girl and if this point cannot be underlined by the spewing of her homecooking back onto my plate, so much the better!

Apparently, the "matzo ball" is an attempt at making matzo more edible by adding eggs and turning it into a dumpling.....if this is the "more edible" version, I'd hate to see what the less edible options were!

Suffice to say, I managed to drain both bowl and ball (the broth was quite tasty!) and will gladly go back to bagels-n-schmear until the next culinary adventure up? KUGEL!
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