Thursday, September 07, 2006

BOLO for Missing Mall: Brown, 1,633,000sf, likes sweets!

This was such a bizarre interaction, it seemed worthwhile to share:

For a fall promotion at a New Jersey mall, I had designed some posters and entry tickets and shipped them FedEx to arrive yesterday morning to give the staff time to assemble everything before the start of the event this Saturday.

Thus, it was strange that I got an email from FedEx stating failure of delivery due to "inaccurate address." I quickly double-checked my info to rule out spastic typing, but everything was in order. A harried call to FedEx resulted in the following exchange:

Me: "Yea, you sent me an email about inaccurate address. That's the right address, what's the issue?"

FedEx lackey: "It appears that address doesn't exist, is this a home or business?"

Me: "How can the address not exist??? It's a shopping mall, how can you miss that???

FedEx lackey:"Could it be a small location that is not easily accessed? Can you describe the location?"

Me: "Describe it? It's HUGE, it's a big vast million square foot structure, it's brown, it has large fluorescent signs that say MALL!" As to it being non-accessible, it's probably the ONLY building on that road off the New Jersey Turnpike!!"

FedEx lackey: "Well, my note says the driver had difficulty finding the location, I'll make a note and he'll try again today."

Me: "Um, yeah, I kinda need that there ASAP..."try" doesn't leave me feeling good, can I give you MapQuest directions?"

FedEx lackey: "We may need those, if the driver has further difficulty, can I have him call you direct?"

Me: "Absolutely, whatever it takes!"

While I am sure this is a fairly isolated incident as FedEx has shipped many, many things for me without issue, it causes one pause that such a venerable shipping institution would have to ask one of it's customers for MapQuest directions.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back from the Brink of Extinction

(...or An Open Letter and my apologies!)

Dear Sirs, Madams, Bloggers, Blogettes and other Rif-Raf who find me during a weird Google search,

A quick note to let you know that I AM, in fact 100% alive and kicking.

There is really no acceptable excuse for my absence, while I could claim lack of 'net access at work, nothing but depressing or uninteresting news, overwork, writer's block or a host of other negligible really boils down to a general state of malaise that has invaded the end of summer Jen.

To be fair, I am only blogging now as I have been a very good girl and been to the dentist, hairdresser, renewed magazines, done laundry, updated my resume and am halfway through a gigantic pile of email that has been sitting around for month.

If you haven't heard from me yet, expect something within the next week (then you can get out the bag of catty comments and post a "WHERE'S MY MAIL LADY?" snarky remark.) And, while I will most certainly break this promise at some point, my vow to attempt to blog once a week minimum going forth, probably Wednesdays or Thursdays until I get back into the groove again!

Now for a FABULOUS 4-day weekend, Enjoy one last summer fling everyone!
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