Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jen Likes To...

It's been a very hectic two weeks with moving and I have about 101 stories to tell. However, there will be plenty of time for those a bit later when I actually have a comfortable chair and desk setup; I am currently writing to y'all crosslegged on the floor in front of my Mac with the monitor sitting on top of the box---very college dormish indeed!

Anywho, while I was awaiting Bosco's return so we could go get ice cream in the new 'hood, I ran across a pretty funny meme on Very Well Red (thanks!) and decide to give it a whirl to some freakin' hilarious results. You go to google. Type in "[your name] likes to" and list the 1st 10 things that appear:

Jen likes to give something edgier and spicier then your average female rocker.

Jen likes losers.

Jen likes to dance (although everyone else does NOT like to watch Jen dance).

Jen likes that these boobs have a message. That message is love.

Jen doesn't have a bio yet, that jerk!

Jen likes TV.

Either Jen likes the man or she doesn't!

Jen likes Egon Schiele, puppies, and #91 at this Thai place in Berlin.

Jen likes the results.

Jen likes to take candid pictures of me.
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