Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Yes it's true, Bosco and I are readying our snorkels and getting ready to plunge into matrimony!

This magical moment happened last Tuesday November 20th in the mighty city of Boston's delightfully Italian North End. It was here that B & I were to meet a ex-Chicagoan pal for some dinner (or so I thought!). As his other attempts to woo me for the evening had failed (Top of the Hub was cloudy, and I flat out refused to rest my ankles at the Parker House to get a drink...didn't want us to be late!) he finally coaxed me to sit down for a pre-dinner drink at this nice windowside table.

It was misting out, and I was concerned that our friend S who was driving in from the burbs would reach us safely. This thought swirled around in my head along with snippets of the Sinatra song playing, the fizziness of my drink, our travel to Salem the next day, the meaning of life and about 1 million other completely random things....I almost missed the proposal! But, there was a lovely, sweet as can be speech by Mr. B and a ridiculously sparkly ring box advanced towards me and before you knew it, it was official!

After a really spectacular Italian dinner, complete with a barbershop quartet serenade of "Going to the Chapel" it was on to call, text and carrier pigeon everyone we knew.

For the record, we are not making ANY plans until after the first of the year...really, not a one, no, not even a ponderance of a place, time of year, sort of dress as we have instead chose to bask in the loveliness of engagement for awhile.

For those who would persist in pummeling us with WhoWhatWhenWhereWhys, we will either enjoy watching you bike 75 miles to the MS Century Loop for the ceremony or freezing essential parts off while pushing through the Bering Straits on a moonlight New Year's Eve cruise....we're creative cats, aren't aren't afraid to tear at that hypothetical envelope ;)

But seriously, we're thrilled and excited and if everyone plays nice I may just blog a bit about what is sure to be an interesting journey!
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